Paranormal Museum’s 24/7 Live Video Stream Launches at ‘Week in Weird’

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Ever wish you could peer into the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & the Occult and see real haunted objects whenever you want? You’re in luck, because we’ve just launched the world’s first paranormal museum live video feed!

The 24/7 Paranormal Museum Live Video Feed is hosted over at Week in Weird, where you’ll be able to tune in and see a new museum artifact each week, take part in regular live experiment sessions with the curators, and even chat with other curious viewers from all over the world.

Our friends over at Coast to Coast AM were kind enough to cover the launch of the new paranormal museum live video feed:

A pair of paranormal researchers with a traveling occult museum have launched a new 24/7 live stream that lets viewers watch potentially haunted objects for odd activity.

Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews created the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult after amassing an incredible array of strange and unusual curios that seemed to exhibit otherworldly characteristics.

In an effort to both open up the museum for free to virtual patrons around the world and to potentially conjure paranormal activity, they have launched a live stream of this surveillance at their website.

Despite only being operational for about a week, viewers of the paranormal museum live video feed have already begun to report some truly unsettling experiences.

“I woke up at 3:30 in the morning with all the power out and there was a silhouette of a woman standing over my couch. When I screamed she just disappeared,” one viewer wrote.

Another observer described having a terrifying nightmare which directly referenced the creepy object he had been watching on the live stream earlier in the day.

Beyond the stationary surveillance of the museum’s exhibits, Matthews and Newkirk plan to host a number of live events on the feed as they continue to investigate these odd objects.

For a full list of upcoming live EVP sessions, artifact swap dates, and more, you can view the paranormal museum’s live video schedule here.