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Special Members-Only Event with Ghost Stalkers’ John E.L. Tenney at the Haunted Ashmore Estates

UPDATE: SOLD OUT! You guys snagged all the available tickets in under an hour! If you didn’t manage to grab tickets to this event, fear not, because there are more on the way! Stay tuned.

We’re excited to announce a very special evening at Illinois’ famously haunted Ashmore Estates, full of incredible supernatural experiments, mind-blowing paranormal presentations, spooky guided investigations, and more fun surprises. The best part? Members of the museum get first dibs and a 40% discount on the very limited tickets.

For one night only, thirty people will take part in a series of fascinating experiments that delve into the past, present, and future of paranormal investigation. From forgotten methods of spirit communication to groundbreaking work in the fields of psychic phenomena, you’ll have the rare opportunity to see these techniques demonstrated in one of the country’s most haunted buildings.. and then perform them yourself.

Our good friend, the one and only John E.L. Tenney (Destination America’s Ghost Stalkers), will be on hand to present one of his signature Weird Lectures, and you’ll also be treated to a full exhibition of the 2018 Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, where you’ll get to interact and experiment with haunted artifacts like The Idol of Nightmares, The Dark Mirror, and many more. We’re even bringing out a few pieces too volatile for larger events, just for you.

Guests will group up with the hosts and investigate the haunted halls of Ashmore Estates, an early-1900s-era poor farm with so many spooky tales within its walls that the building has been featured on shows like SyFy’s Ghost Hunters and Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. During the investigations, John, Dana, and Greg will lead you through a carefully-curated selection of mind-blowing experiments sure to change the way you think about the search for the supernatural.

At the end of the evening, we’ll meet together for one last adventure: THE SEANCE with John E.L. Tenney, a rare spirit communication event where YOU become the medium between the living and the dead.

Oh yeah, and there’s a few more excellent surprises in store, but we don’t want to spoil anything..

Tickets are limited to 30, and museum members receive a steeply-discounted price of $75 (40% off!) per ticket from 12/15-1/15.

On January 16th, the remaining tickets will be released to the general public at $125 per ticket.


Prepare to have your mind blown. We cant wait to see you at Ashmore Estates for an intimate, unforgettable evening of paranormal fun this June.

NOTE: Advisory Board Members, remember: you don’t need to purchase a ticket – you’ve automatically got access to all of the museum-hosted events. Just show up – your seats are already reserved!