Lifehacker Names Museum’s ‘Idol of Nightmares’ Profile One of the Best 15 Podcast Episodes of 2018

Lifehacker just released their roundup of their favorite individual podcast episodes of 2018, and Euphomet’s “Idol of Nightmares”, which features a deep and affecting look at the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal’s most celebrated haunted artifact, comes in at #6.

Jim Perry, host of Euphomet, has been a longtime friend of the museum, and swung by the home of curators Greg & Dana Newkirk early in the year to get a closer look at their work as the founders of the world’s only mobile museum of the unexplained. It wasn’t long before Perry zeroed in on the story of Billy – also known as the Idol of Nightmares – who’s incredible story turned out to be the perfect representation of the museum’s mission: choosing curiosity over fear.

The result is an hour long podcast that won a top spot in Lifehacker’s list of the best fifteen podcasts of the entire year. Here’s what reviewer Nick Douglas had to say about “Idol of Nightmares”:

This compact, highly designed show explores specific contemporary paranormal stories with respect but without credulity, finding meanings that believers and skeptics can appreciate. I’m one of the latter—no gods, no ghosts—but this episode rattled me. It also smartly demonstrated the value of a cultural sensitivity that goes beyond “can I buy into your beliefs?”

It’s about an African idol and a god who grows inside your dreams. Don’t let your kids hear.

The episode is a refreshing look at haunted objects, one in which the Newkirks touch on the value of approaching the unknown with a willingness to understand, and challenges the traditional ghost hunters’ outdated views on the supernatural. “Idol of Nightmares” isn’t just one of the best podcast episodes of 2019, it’s a perfect introduction to how the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult is changing the way people see the unexplained, and why Greg & Dana Newkirk are the leading figures of a kinder, more intelligent paranormal investigation field.

You can listen to the award-winning episode of Euphomet below: