Phenomenacon: Newkirks & Museum to Host First-Ever Online Paranormal Conference

They’re used to changing the game when it comes to researching the unexplained, but now the founders of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult are doing it again by hosting the world’s first and only online paranormal conference! Introducing: Phenomenacon, a three-day event dedicated to bringing the smartest people in High Strangeness to your living room.

After the global COVID-19 pandemic saw the cancellation of hundreds of conventions across the country, Greg & Dana Newkirk decided to take matters into their own hands, creating the first online paracon that fills the void left by social distancing and nationwide bans on large gatherings. Organized and hosted by The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, the world’s only mobile museum of the unexplained, Phenomenacon is jam-packed full of workshops, multimedia presentations, and interactive discussions with the most exciting names in ufology, witchcraft, conspiracy, ghost hunting, parapsychology, and more.

Learn how to research the records of your favorite haunted property with Kindred Spirits‘ Amy Bruni! Uncover the truth about conspiracy theory in times of crisis with Weird Lectures‘ John E.L. Tenney! Discover how to preserve paranormal history with Hellier‘s Tyler Strand! Attend a Demonology 101 course with Portals to Hell‘s Michelle Belanger!

The best part? Tickets are just $15, or totally free for members of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult. Whether you only pledge long enough to attend the event or decide to stick around end enjoy all the perks of a membership to the museum, $15 is the cheapest paranormal conference ticket you’ll ever buy, and there’s no need to reserve a ticket, no add-ons or expensive extras, and every seat is V.I.P.!

For full details about the event, head to the official website here.