The Catskills Crone

While trekking off the beaten path in New York’s Catskill Mountains, two hikers discovered this strange, hand-carved statue in a small cave. Six rusty nails had been driven into its eyes, and a dirty length of cord was wrapped tightly around its neck. Despite their better judgement, the explorers removed the figure.

Soon, muddy footprints began to manifest in their home, and the pungent scent of stagnant pond water filled the house. On the seventh day, they saw her crouched in the shadows of the living room: The Crone, a horrifying apparition with an emaciated body and eyes that shined in the darkness. The hikers contacted the Newkirks, who placed the artifact safely in the museum collection.

Donor wishes to remain anonymous



Year / Age



New York State


Wood, Rope, Nails


Volatile, Intelligent


Haunted, Witchcraft