The Crone of the Catskills

New York, 2015

Donor Wishes to Remain Anonymous

While trekking off the beaten path in New York’s Catskill Mountains, two hikers made a startling discovery. Tucked away inside of a cave sat a strange, hand-carved statue with unsettling features. Six rusty nails had been driven into its eyes, and a dirty length of cord was wrapped tightly around its neck. Whoever had placed it there was long gone, but one thing was for certain: it was a nasty bit of black magic. Despite their better judgement, the explorers took the figure home with them.

For the next week, the men who discovered the strange figure were plagued by frightening encounters with the unknown. The activity began innocently enough, with strange knocks in the night and the occasional shadow darting through the hall, but within days, the activity had taken a terrifying turn. As the days went on, the statue appeared to move around the home seemingly of its own accord, muddy footprints began to manifest on the floor, and the pungent scent of stagnant pond water filled the house. On the seventh day, they saw her crouched in the shadows of the living room: The Crone, a horrifying apparition with an emaciated body and eyes that shined in the darkness.

Now that the activity was too much to bear, the hikers sought help with their supernatural situation and were, fortunately, referred to Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews, who were happy to take the cursed object off their hands. The Crone of the Catskills now has a place among the items in Planet Weird’s Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult, where the figure can be safely cared for, its strange activity studied, and the frightening truth behind its creation shared with guests.

For the safety of attendees, The Crone is the only item in the museum with a strict NO TOUCHING policy.

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