The Idol of Nightmares

Ohio, Date Unknown

Donor Wishes to Remain Anonymous

After hearing the curators discuss haunted items on Coast to Coast AM, Greg and Dana were contacted by a man who’d discovered something disturbing hidden away in the crawlspace of his home. Wrapped in a burlap sack and bound in twine, was an eerie statue with piercing, ivory eyes. At first, it seemed like nothing more than a discarded affect, but when he placed the idol in his home office, the strange activity began to take hold.

What started with a series of intense, horrific nightmares soon turned into full blown paranormal activity. Doors would slam, dishes would rattle, and drawers would be flung open by an unseen force. Shadows would slink along the walls, lights would flicker, and the children would talk of the “little man” that crept into their rooms at night to silently tug the covers from the end of their beds. There was no doubt: this item was cursed.

Now, the Idol of Nightmares tours the country with the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult, and it’s an object with such an effect on viewers that it’s kept wrapped so as not to unintentionally impose its strange influence on unwilling guests. Once per event, The Idol is unwrapped for those brave guests willing to risk the literal nightmares that come with holding the object.

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