The Restless Painting

Ohio, 2013

Planet Weird Private Collection

This eerie painting of a young girl and her cat once hung on the walls of a curiosity shop. Well, some of the time. According to the shop owner, not only would no one purchase it, but the painting had a habit of throwing itself – or other nearby paintings – from the walls. When the activity got so bad that he couldn’t so much as walk into the back room without hearing it rattle, The Restless Painting found its way into the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult.

The particular piece tends to get considerable attention at every event, not just because it looks super creepy, but because no matter what, it’s a reliable source for measurable paranormal activity, giving impressive readings to a wide variety of investigation equipment. K2s, Ovilus, you name it. If it’s got blinking lights, this haunted object will make them go nuts.

To this day, the Restless Painting continues to occasionally rattle the wall at the museum's home base, though it’s only leapt once.. and it has the battle scars to prove it.