Newkirk Museum’s “Idol of Nightmares” Mentioned on NBC’s “Midnight, Texas” Watchalong

They might play supernatural entities on television, but the cast of NBC’s hit series Midnight, Texas got a first-hand account of how strange real-life hauntings can be, thanks to the mysterious items in the collection of Greg and Dana Newkirk’s Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult.

While discussing the first season of the series, based on the books by Charlain Harris (True Blood), Midnight, Texas cast members Jason Lewis, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Peter Mensah, and executive producer Monica Owusu-Breen learned about how the Newkirk museum’s Idol of Nightmares, affectionately nicknamed Billy, wreaked havoc on the very set they were sitting on.

During the watchalong, hosts Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser, of Nerdist’s Bizarre States podcast (which has previously hosted the Newkirks and a few of their items), also discussed the reality of the paranormal and even managed to coax a few ghost stories of the show’s cast. Their experience staying in a haunted hotel was particularly strange, but Jason Lewis’ haunting tale took the cake.

You watch the cast discuss the Idol of Nightmares in the clip below, which includes some behind-the-scenes footage of the artifact causing technological malfunctions on the Nerdist set, much to the dismay of the crew and amusement of Chobot and Bowser.

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