Greg & Dana Newkirk Join Travel Channel’s “Haunted Salem: Live” Special on October 4

Get your popcorn ready, because it’s official: Greg & Dana Newkirk, the curators of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, are joining Travel Channel’s gigantic Haunted Salem: Live special on October 4th, and they’re bringing some special surprises with them.

The Newkirks are thrilled to be joining Kindred Spirits Amy Bruni & Adam Berry for an investigation of one of the most iconic buildings in the city: the Proctor House, home of the first male witch executed in the Salem Witch Trials. In order to raise the energy of the space, the Newkirks are bringing a few items from the museum’s collection, and have whipped up a few experiments that have never been attempted on television before. It’s live, so you never know what’ll happen.

Via Week in Weird:

Travel Channel is kicking off Halloween season on October 4th with a very special live event that brings together more of the network’s top paranormal stars than you can count on one hand. In Haunted Salem: Live, ghost hunters from five of the biggest paranormal shows join forces for a live, four-hour investigation of an entire town.

In what’s quickly shaping up to be the world’s largest televised ghost hunt, Travel Channel has put together what it’s calling a “dream-team of supernatural sleuths” for the paranormal investigation of a lifetime, and you get to watch – and help investigate – from the comfort of your couch. Featuring stars like Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, and Chip Coffey from Kindred Spirits, Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman from Portals to Hell, the cast of Ghost BrothersHellier‘s Greg & Dana Newkirk, and many more, the live show will see the investigators split up to take on many of Salem, Massachusetts’ most notorious haunted locations like the Proctor House, home of the first male witch executed during the Salem Witch Trials.

Viewers will be able to watch the action as it happens live on the Travel Channel, but if they want to keep their eyes glued to a specific team, Travel’s Facebook page will have six simultaneous live feeds providing constant access to each location, so fans will never miss a moment with their favorite investigators.

As if that wasn’t enough, some of the program’s special guests have even cooked up a few surprises. Greg and Dana Newkirk, who are curators of the world’s only Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, say they’re planning on bringing a technique never before seen on tv.

“We’re thrilled to be joining Amy Bruni & Adam Berry [Kindred Spirits] for an investigation of the Proctor House,” Greg said. “In order to raise the energy of the space, we’re bringing a few haunted artifacts from the museum’s collection, and we’ve put together an experiment which have never been attempted on television before. We’re not sure what’ll happen.. it might get crazy.”

Crazy paranormal experiments? A dozen celebrities? A massive, town-wide ghost hunt? Sounds like our kind of show.

Haunted Salem: Live fans are encouraged to participate in the hunt by watching the live feed and comment on any phenomenon they see. Your comments can assist the investigation, influence where they go next, and help discover the source of Salem’s infamous paranormal activity.

Tune in live on October 4th, and join in using the hashtag #HauntedSalemLive. We’ll see you then!