Newkirks’ Documentary Series “Hellier” Sweeps 2020 TV, Online Content Awards

Hellier is a certified phenomenon. After debuting the second season of Planet Weird’s hit documentary series to huge fanfare in November of 2019, the second season of the paranormal investigation mystery is ending the year with over a dozen awards from festivals across the globe.

Thanks to its beautiful cinematography, haunting soundtrack, and true-to-life look at an actual boots-on-the-ground investigation, the Hellier series, produced by and starring Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult founders Greg & Dana Newkirk, has quickly developed a cult following seen by few paranormal television programs. The independently-produced series has been hailed by reviewers as a “an instant classic” and “essential to the understanding of paranormal phenomena.” Now, Hellier raking in the awards to back up the widespread acclaim.

After hitting the festival circuit late last year, Hellier has nabbed five “Best Series” awards in 2020, as well as numerous wins in categories dedicated to filmmaking craft and concept. In addition to taking home several editing and cinematography honors, director Karl Pfeiffer picked up “Best Director” of the 2020 Midwest Weirdfest, an event known for its official selections in the paranormal media space, and Anthony Cistone picked up a “Best Score” win for his work on the series’ incredible original music.

Hellier is constantly proving that television audiences are hungry for paranormal content that defies the genre, both in how it’s presented and what it asks from the audience,” Executive Producer Greg Newkirk says. “Our series is showing that media in the paranormal documentary space doesn’t have to be all grainy night vision and jump scares, but it can be beautiful, thoughtful, and yes, even win awards. Even the major television networks are catching on and looking to Hellier for inspiration.”

Just a week after its release, Hellier‘s second season topped both the “Trending TV ” and “Popular TV” charts on Amazon Prime, ranking it with multi-million dollar productions such as Man in the High CastleThe Boys, and Good Omens. For a paranormal documentary series, particularly one without a network and big-budget production company attached, the response was unprecedented.

The series documents the investigation of an alleged extraterrestrial visitation in the dying coal community of Hellier, Kentucky. What begins as a search for the so-called “Kentucky Goblins”, soon descends into a mind-bending mystery involving classic ufological cases such as 1967’s Point Pleasant, West Virginia Mothman encounters, rumors of underground murder-cults, and slumbering, ancient gods. Through the use of boundary-pushing, never-before-seen parapsychological experiments, in-depth archival research, and the help of occultists, eyewitnesses, and undeniable synchronicity, the team begins to close in on who – or what – has sent them into the darkest corners of the Appalachian Mountains.

A third season of the hit series is planned, but no release date has been announced.

Hellier features Greg & Dana Newkirk, Connor J. Randall, Tyler Strand, and Karl Pfeiffer. All episodes of Hellier: Season 2  are now streaming on Amazon PrimeCheck out for episode descriptions, downloads, behind-the-scenes looks, and special features. Follow @WeirdHQ and #HELLIER for more exclusive content and updates. 

Hellier is produced by Planet Weird. Executive producers for Planet Weird are Greg Newkirk and Dana Newkirk. Hellier is directed by Karl Pfeiffer and co-produced by Connor Randall.