The Laudery Conjuring Drum

Once owned by the Laudery family, prominent vodou practitioners from the Detroit area, this drum was used to summon the loa spirit Crim, or Criminal (pronounced crime-in-all).

Due to this entity’s often overpowering energy, the conjuring drums would only be used for a short time period before being disposed of. If not destroyed, the the drums would often begin to summon Criminal by themselves. The family’s previous conjuring drum was wrapped in chains and purposefully sunk to the bottom of the Detroit river.

After a final frightening event, this drum was wrapped in a white cloth and abandoned at a Detroit magic shop, where it was given to paranormal researcher John E.L. Tenney.

Donated by John E.L. Tenney



History: In-Depth History

Year / Age



Detroit, Michigan


Animal skin, wood


Intelligent, volatile


Haunted, Historical