Dana and Greg Newkirk Join Travel Channel’s “Kindred Spirits” for Haunting Season Premiere

Last Halloween, cable viewers watched a window to the dead open in Salem, MA during the world’s first live, interactive magick ritual on tv. Now, the groundbreaking experiment comes to a startling conclusion in the special season premiere episode of Kindred Spirits, airing Saturday, January 2nd, at 10PM EST.

In October of 2019, Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult founders Greg & Dana Newkirk headed to Massachusetts to help their friends Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate the home of John Proctor, one of Salem’s falsely accused witches. The investigation was broadcast live as part of Travel Channel’s special Haunted Salem: Live event, during which the Newkirks performed an interactive magick ritual intended to harness the intentions of viewers around the globe. The purpose? To open a gateway to the dead.  It worked… a little too well, maybe.

Immediately after the ritual hit the airwaves, viewers began flooding Travel Channel’s social feeds with reports of ghostly manifestations in their own homes, glitches on their televisions, and even the film crew complained of mysterious malfunctions to their equipment. Inside Salem’s Proctor House, the paranormal activity went wild, but once the broadcast was over, the Kindred Spirits team were left with a feeling that something was unfinished. On Saturday, January 2nd, the team returns to finally complete the experiment. The results are incredible.

Here’s the announcement from the official press release:

“Amy, Adam and Chip are always challenging themselves and this season is no exception,” said Matthew Butler, general manager, Travel Channel. “The history in these locations is downright creepy and scary – their return to the John Proctor House in Salem is especially exciting as they revisit the mysterious activity exhumed during their memorable investigation of the building during our ‘Haunted Salem Live’ special.”

In the season premiere, “Devil in Salem,” Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and psychic medium Chip Coffey travel to Salem, Massachusetts, to investigate the home of John Proctor – one of the men executed during the infamous witch trials. It’s not the team’s first time at this renowned location having visited once before during a special Travel Channel event that was broadcast live. During the event, they opened a gateway to the dead using powerful magic, which allowed them to communicate with spirits from the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. Now, the team returns to Salem to launch a full-fledged investigation and learn more about the gateway they previously opened … and who came out of it.

Executive Producer and host Adam Berry says that Devil in Salem is “probably the best episode of Kindred Spirits ever made”.

During the episode, Dana and Greg will be live tweeting using the #KindredSpirits hashtag (follow @Weird_Dana and @nuekerk to be sure you don’t miss a thing), and immediately following the premiere, Dana will be dropping a special meditation download directly tied to the episode. The following day, they’re giving Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult members an exclusive breakdown of the rituals used in both Haunted Salem: Live and the premiere, including photos from behind-the-scenes, inspiration for the experiment, and for the first time, show a ritual that was cut from an earlier Kindred Spirits episode and resurrected for Devil in Salem. They’ll also give members the first-ever up-close look at the powerful ritual artifact these episodes produced.

To see how it all goes down, mark your calendars for Saturday, January 2, at 10PM EST and tune into Travel Channel for the season five premiere of Kindred Spirits! For more about the series, visit Travel Channel’s official website.